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Heard about some parts of this beach which can be accessed and you would be the only one accessing it! Yes, its true. The beach belonged to me when I visited it. Teluk Senangin Beach which is located in Lumut, Perak (near by Damai Laut Swiss Garden Resort) is yet to be fully polluted and is a good weekday getaway if you want some peaceful time!

Went to Teluk Senangin Beach thinking it would be crowded just like Teluk Batik Beach, but with a tip from a friend, we went through a road which accesses a part of the beach where not much visitors comes along. Since it was on a weekday, there was basically no one in site.

Photos of the Beach:

Short Video of the Beach:

From the photo and video above, you can clearly see that there are no one on the beach. The place is very beautiful and surely peaceful to just sit and have a nice family picnic. Bring all your own goods as there were not much items to be purchased around. A must visit for those who wants to just relax.

Posted at 12:36 am on September 23rd, 2016 in Events & Travels with 1,086 views

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