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Ever since i got myself a Dreambox, i have been hunting for new channels available around the world. My only problem was to align the dish to the correct direction, since i do my alignment alone and the dish is on top of the house. Solution? My Nokia N900!

This is a workaround for those who climb up their house to align the dish. Firstly i connected my Dreambox to my PC (via a TV Tuner), then on the same network i used VNC connection from my N900 to remotely connect to my PC. Then i carried my N900 to the roof and started to move the dish bit by bit until i got an signal of above 75% (Signal Lock) on my N900 screen. Once done, i tightened my dish and came down.

Dreambox Satfinder Screen on my N900:

This is the best way i could find to align my dish without spending money on special tools for aligning or getting a motorized dish! N900 is the best tablet phone ever!

Posted at 8:35 am on December 19th, 2010 in Tips & Tricks with 2,389 views

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  • ali sha’bani

    send me required information for my cell phone that how can i go on line by my cell phone for watching satalaie

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