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I upload a lot of photos to social media or while blogging on the go. Sometimes i use my windows tablet or even my android phone to achieve this. So what software do I use? Well simple, my favorite portable/online Photo Editor or Image Processing software is “BeFunky Photo Editor“.

So why do I like BeFunky so much? It has many features like enhancement, effects, stickers, frames, etc and all this works really fast. Check out the sample image below which I created for the purpose of this post.

BeFunky Photo Editor overview by Mesh Talkz

Rather than me talking about all the features, why don’t I show an overview video I made of all the functions and how BeFunky works online from within your browser.

Cool rite? Well to be honest, I would highly recommend this piece of software which works on multiple platforms and works really well. Ready to download? Well, you should. Launch it via Web or download it for your mobile or even as a chrome app/extension. Have fun!

Posted at 8:05 pm on August 20th, 2015 in Info Tech with 1,629 views

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