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In this blog post i will share the method I use to choose the most compatible Android app/game from Google Play Store for my android device. This way you will not need to purchase a game/app which later on won’t work with your device.

My method actually uses the reviews given by others in the world who are using the same device as me, this way i know that the app or game is compatible with my device. So far the method i have used worked well and never given any problem.

1. Firstly, go to Google Play Store. Then choose the app/game you wish to download.
2. Then go to the review section and choose all reviews.
3. From there choose the “Option” menu and above screen will appear.
4. Tick on “From this device model only”.
5. You will see only those reviews from users who have the same model as you. You can make your decision from there.

This trick should work fine and i really hope it helps others in choosing the most compatible app/game for your device.

Posted at 12:02 pm on March 29th, 2013 in Tips & Tricks with 2,340 views

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