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Playing The Controversial / Banned Game ‘Fight Of Gods’

Managed to get my hands on the Controversial and Banned Indie game ‘Fight Of Gods‘ which is a fighting game involving, well… Gods! It was banned in Malaysia and the reason is due to it’s controversial genre/theme. Understood. I purchased the game before it got banned, hence it is tied to my steam account. If […]

Posted at 10:04 pm on October 15th, 2017 In Gaming

Playing The Latest FMV Crime Thriller Game ‘Late Shift’

One of the genres of gaming that I like is FMV (Full Motion Video) decision making games. After ‘The Bunker’, I got my chance to play ‘Late Shift’, a crime thriller game where a student who works part time as a parking jockey gets unwillingly involved in a crime. A single decision he makes can […]

Posted at 9:25 pm on June 4th, 2017 In Gaming

‘Soul Gambler’ Gameplay with Alternate Endings

‘Soul Gambler’ is an Indie Visual Novel game which is a story driven game that flows based on your selection. There are also multiple/alternate endings in this game which will appear based on the selection you make along the game. To summarize, the story is about a dude who decides to deal/sell his soul to […]

Posted at 4:24 pm on May 13th, 2017 In Gaming

An Overview of ‘Murdered – Soul Suspect’ Game

After a long wait i decided to play the game “Murdered: Soul Suspect” from Square Enix. Waited to play it on my Playstation 4 (Take note, this game is not next-gen, hence it is the same on PS3 and also PC, except the cool Gyro movement with DS4). Not really sure why this game is […]

Posted at 12:49 am on October 3rd, 2014 In Gaming

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