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Rip Audio From Any Website Using Audacity

Ever wanted to download songs from certain sites but they don’t allow it? Or even you have to pay for it? Found those hard to find song just to find out that you can only stream the song? Well now you can obtain the songs or audio for FREE using a FREE tool. By using […]

Posted at 11:26 pm on June 17th, 2008 In Tips & Tricks

Make Your Own Car Theater System

Ever wished to have your own car audio/video theater system? Why don’t you do it with a minimal cost or just by using things which you already have? Well it is just a simple method, as long as you have the necessary tools.

Posted at 4:51 am on April 24th, 2008 In Info Tech, Tips & Tricks

Access GMail Behind Firewall Using WAP

There are many working ways to get GMail working behind firewall or proxied server. The most famous ones are by using Proxy server as gateway and also by enabling GMail pop3 option and checking the mail using web based pop3 clients. This methods seems to be cut down slowly by firewalls as well as we […]

Posted at 9:27 pm on March 11th, 2008 In Tips & Tricks

Use VOIP To Prank Your Friends

Lately the VOIP technology is becoming more and more popular for making cheap calls worldwide. Many VOIP service provider have emerged and providing many features with different price range. One great feature of VOIP is the callback feature, where it connects 2 parties together in a conference. The best part is, some providers let you […]

Posted at 7:28 pm on February 3rd, 2008 In Info Tech, Tips & Tricks

Hidden Emoticons In Yahoo Messenger

As a method of communication normally i use Y! Messenger instead of MSN or any other chat applications. The reason is because i find Y! Messenger to be more stable, less resource taking and also lets you chat with MSN buddies the easy way. The plugins and features included are also very cool. One of […]

Posted at 1:35 am on January 6th, 2008 In Tips & Tricks

Power of file_get_contents() PHP function

Ever since the introduction of PHP5, we have been getting a lot of complaints that most webhostings are actually restricting the include() feature of remote files/links. This is actually a default settings in PHP5 to avoid hacks and DDos attacks. This simply means only local files can be included in any PHP applications. First workaround […]

Posted at 5:11 am on January 3rd, 2008 In Tips & Tricks

WordPress First Post Only On Frontpage

If you check out my theme, you would notice that only the first latest post of my blog is expanded and showed and the rest of the post follows with summary. Some people would just love to have this kind of theme as it’s more clean when viewed. Here is the hack on how i […]

Posted at 12:58 am on December 25th, 2007 In Tips & Tricks

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