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After months of not using my old Raspberry Pi B+ Model, I decided to convert it into a Kodi Media Center using OpenElec. Yes, it is able to handle my entertainment needs rather well.

Previously, the Raspberry Pi was used for some portable shell scripting / coding running Kali. Ever since I got my OnePlus One, the Pi was abandoned as my mobile phone became my portable “Hunting” tool instead (To those who get the point!). So why waste the PI? Lets make it a portable media center then! Well, this was done using tools / hardware which are already available on the net and also to me.

Now lets look at what I have used to make my media center work with the Pi. From the image below, you can see that I have used a Prolink Wireless Keyboard / Touchpad combo, TPLink Wireless USB Dongle WN725N, 32GB CruzerFit USB Drive, 16GB Class 10 Samsung MicroSD Card for OpenElec installation, standard cheap transparent casing and lastly USB Led light for some decorative purpose.

Below image shows the Pi in action and how the LED light lights up in the dark. Yes it looks awesome when the Pi is placed behind your TV set. Soon, I might even program some LED’s to work as ambient light with the Pi? Who knows!

For now, the Kodi media center is mainly used for streaming videos/contents over the net and used by my parents in the living room. It works flawlessly. Now that I don’t have a Raspberry Pi to code with, maybe I should get the Raspberry Pi 2 instead? 🙂

Posted at 7:34 pm on November 16th, 2015 in Blogging with 1,364 views

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