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After Music Freedom add-on, DiGi introduced Video Freedom (currently on Limited offer) which will allow you to stream contents from major sites (Astro-On-The-Go, IFlix, Hypptv, Youtube, etc) in an almost unlimited manner (RM1 for 1 Hour and RM5 for 24 Hours). So is it worth the price and will it work on your PC via tethering / hotspot?

In this scenario, I am going to take “Astro On The Go” as the service I’m going to test. Well this is based on the case that I never got their Application working on any of my Android devices (Rooted or non-rooted, this service doesn’t work due to their stupid terms/conditions). I got the service free, hence I really wanted to know if the streaming would work if I enabled tethering / hotspot on my mobile to PC.

Firstly, I subscribed to a 24 hour Video Freedom pass. It was RM5 (10GB – 1 Day) and RM1 (3GB – 1 Hour) during this offer period. The price should be RM10 (1 Day Pass) and RM3 (1 Hour Pass) after the offer period, not sure about the data allocation that would be given after the offer period, but it should be the same.

After subscribing you can see that the pass appears in the DiGi app with the usage and allocation. Take note that this data usage is only for the supported streaming services and you will need an active data plan to use this pass.

Was outside and decided to stream WWE live event via Astro-On-The-Go using my mobile as hotspot and tethered the connection to my laptop. Watched the streaming for almost 3 hours. The connection was stable and fast. I didn’t find any problem during the streaming (except for the problem by AOTG service). So I decided to check my usage after the long streaming.

As expected, the streaming used the Video Freedom data pass. So with this it can be confirmed that the data will not only be used by supported mobile applications but also if you use the same service on other devices via hotspot or tethering (Also tried youtube on my Playstation 4 via hotspot and the Video Freedom pass was used instead of normal data). So is it worth the price? For now I will say yes! I am not sure until when this offer will be extended (hopefully forever), but after the offer period, I think the price is a bit too much, but if you are those hardcore video streamers like me, the price will always seem right!

Posted at 3:00 pm on May 12th, 2016 in Info Tech with 1,649 views

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