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Do you own a Nokia 5800? Well it is a really cool touch phone by Nokia. I just cant stop loving it. One thing that simply irritates me is the virtual keyboard (keypad and buttons) which appears along with your Java application. You just cant seem to get a fullscreen Java app because of this! Well actually it is rather easy to disable the Virtual Keyboard on Java Apps.


– Just say the Java application having the Virtual Keyboard is called App1
– Goto Settings -> Application Mgr -> Installed Apps -> App1
– Highlight App1, then choose Options -> Suite Settings -> On-screen Keyboard -> Off

Well that is about it, now the Virtual Keyboard is gone and you can enjoy the Java App in fullscreen.

Posted at 5:46 am on May 29th, 2009 in Tips & Tricks with 5,807 views

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  • kudos to you, man 😀

  • No probs, hope it helped 🙂

  • renato

    OMFG thanks so much for this, dude!

  • No problemo..

  • Chowder995

    I cant find app1 in my application mngr… help!!!

  • error

    this method gives me an memory-error on some bigger sized apps .. doesnt function on any app (final fantasy f. example) ._.

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