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I have always wanted an “Always ON” digital clock to be placed in my room along side my home theater system. Firstly I almost opted for a Digital Frame, but it was pricey and not flexible for me. So why not make a spoiled or unused Android tablet as your Digital Clock?

Initial rough setup:

What was used:

  • My unused Vido N70s Android Tablet. The tablet is a China make and the WiFi was spoiled hence it was kind of useless to me. So why not use it to be switched on 24 hours a day, rather than just leaving it in a box.
  • A Digital Alarm Clock software for Android called “My Alarm Clock Free” which can be obtained freely from the Play Store. It did the trick for me as it was fullscreen and had some good customization options.
  • A simple Android phone holder, I did my own one with unused plastic materials and some magnets to make it stand. You can get a normal android phone holder rather cheap anyway.

Device in action:

Extra Customization:

  • Allow the tablet display to be always on, as for me I set it up to be ON 30 minutes before it sleep.
  • In developer options (most Android devices should have this option), Enable “Allow display to be always on while charging”. This way the tablet display will always be on while it is connected to power socket. If you switch off the power, it will be ON for 30 minutes and go to sleep. Of course this helps when you are not at home.
  • The Android APP also gives you option to Auto-Start, simply enable it.

This setup helped me a lot and now I have a “Always On Digital Clock” which also doubles as my Music Player and Alarm Clock. This is just an Idea which everyone can explore/expand.

Posted at 5:12 pm on September 9th, 2016 in My Workshop with 888 views

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