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Macro lens for DSLR normally are not cheap and just for that reason nowadays we can find plenty of extension tubes and also reverse rings adapters for lens which gives the same results as a macro lens does. Recently i purchased the reverse ring and also a protector for it. Here is a video on how i put them together.

Basically you fix the reverse ring adapter to the camera body and later on fix the front part of the lens to the body (reverse position). The protector which you will need to fit with a UV filter will be fixed to the back part of the lens (which is now the front portion). This is to avoid any dusts from going into the exposed lens back while taking shorts.

To those having problem while taking shots with this method, please take note that all lens features (auto-focus and etc) won’t work. You will need to put the camera into manual function and if you don’t have aperture control on your lens, please fix the lens in proper way into the body first, then set the aperture to lowest value to open up the lens and then reverse the lens with the ring without switching off the camera. At the same time you will need proper lighting or extra lighting for the shots to come out well. Thanks to my friend for this tips 🙂

Posted at 7:58 pm on December 20th, 2012 in Tips & Tricks with 1,802 views

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