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Noticed the downtime to my blog for the past 24 hours? Well say thanks to my Hosting Provider. Not only their main site went down with almost all the sites hosted under them went down, the error given was “Account Suspended, Please Contact Billing Department”. What fucking rubbish? When people visit my blog, they will think that i did not manage to pay my hosting and it’s suspended? Wow! Thanks to my hosting provider my blog and me went into embarrassment, at the same time they embarrassment them self!

For now i just can’t move away as my hosting will only expire in Dec 2009, but i might even consider moving anyway since my hosting provider gives such wonderful service. When you contact them on the problem, they don’t reply. At the same time, no apology is given to you on their mainpage and they best part is, when the site came back up, they don’t even bother to give an explanation on what happened. Hey wait, there is more. No email / ticket is replied and no phone calls to their hotline was attended for the past 24 hours! WOW, superb service eh? Oh let me remind you, they have 99% uptime!

Internet-Webhosting.Com, keep up the good work and i am really impressed with your hosting and service. You guys dug your own grave by inviting your clients to move away to other hosting. To everyone out there looking for a hosting, well you do the math on this hosting provider.

Posted at 7:29 am on November 25th, 2008 in Blogging with 3,165 views

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