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Something that you can’t avoid when you are at Jonker Street / Walk are the food stalls. It was around 11pm and hunger strike me. Really had to try the famous “Melaka Cendol” and “Lobak” or Carrot Cake. Managed to do it and it was satisfaction beyond the world!

Fried Keow Teow, Carrot Cake, Giant Anchovies and Cendol Melaka:


Some other items you can order cooked on the spot:


Video: Uncle cooking “Lobak” or Carrot Cake:

Most of the food here are “Halal”, mainly to attract more people. If i have a chance to visit Jonker Street / Walk again. It would be just for food hunting!

Posted at 7:12 pm on March 28th, 2014 in Events & Travels with 1,617 views

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