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Being a big fan of “Briyani Rice”, I was really excited when I found out that “Kapitan” opened a branch in Ipoh. Saw many food testers recommending this place, hence I had to try it. The last time I had it in Penang, it was such a good experience.

Ipoh branch, just like it’s Penang owned restaurant is famous for it’s claypot briyani. Located nearby the new Aeon Midtown, Ipoh. This will surely be a good place to dine in future. The restaurant is rather big and was comfortable.

The Restaurant:

The restaurant is spacious, but during lunch time it does get crowded. Currently there is no payment for parking at this area, maybe due to this place being still new. Not sure if there will be charges in future. The waiters do take care of you well and food does tend to arrive on time.

The Briyani Choices:

This is just the partial menu of the offering from the restaurant. As you can see, the Briyani selection is rather good and the best part is the price. It doesn’t cut-throat anyone. I feel it is really reasonably priced. A part from the briyani selection, you do get special Naan varieties which seems to be very famous as well. Other than that, you do get normal Asian and Indian cuisine here!

Our Food:

Just to try out for the first time, we had the ever famous Mutton and also Chicken claypot briyani. The mutton claypot briyani is a must try as the meat is realy and extremely soft. You won’t have any trouble munching the meat. As for the chicken briyani, it tastes a lot like briyani rice with grilled Tandoori chicken. Nice, but if you love mutton, just take it instead of the chicken. Also to try out their side dishes, we took the “Lemon Pepper Chicken”. The taste was just normal and in future we would try something else. The drinks was good. Try their mango lassi. You won’t regret it!

Also I have heard a lot of good recommendation on their Naan variety, will try it out the next time I am there. So for now, will I recommend this restaurant to everyone? Of course, it’s a big YES! Since the taste is on par as the Penang famous claypot briyani and for that price, all Ipoh residents should never miss this!

Location and contact information can be obtained from the Foursquare page HERE.

Posted at 9:14 pm on March 6th, 2016 in Events & Travels with 1,916 views

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