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After a long wait i decided to play the game “Murdered: Soul Suspect” from Square Enix. Waited to play it on my Playstation 4 (Take note, this game is not next-gen, hence it is the same on PS3 and also PC, except the cool Gyro movement with DS4). Not really sure why this game is extremely underrated but for me it was one enjoyable game to play and complete.

The Game:

The game had it’s spooky environment and multiple side missions which was good, but it did confuse me at times as I was not sure what I was doing. I really enjoyed the game play where you are able to possess a cat to complete your mission and what I hated the most was killing those freaking demons! Cut scenes in the games was really enjoyable to watch and it did look like a supernatural movie at times. Unwanted characters in the game was a waste of time and they were repeating the same thing when you possess and mind read them.

Some Scenes (No ending spoiler):

Overall, I would recommend this game for those who love this genre, do not listen to others and how they review it. Noticed the price of the game has gone down for PC. Grab it and play it. You will enjoy it!

Posted at 12:49 am on October 3rd, 2014 in Gaming with 1,719 views

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