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Maybe I don’t game much, but I do have a big collection of games which I normally get from bundles, trading and also sales. Most of the Steam games I have are games I already owned or just not the genre I am to keen in kicking into. So here I am with not a free Giveaway, but some really worth it giveaway where you can have 5 steam games for the price of 1, only on fiverr for $5.

Get 5 Steam Games For The Price Of 1

The Steam key that you obtain can later be redeemed on steam, traded or just gift it to a friend. Burn your time gaming with this really wonderful offer you should never miss and don’t be late as good games might be grabbed soon! Head over to this gig on Fiverr!

Posted at 6:13 pm on April 30th, 2015 in Give Aways with 1,386 views

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