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After nearly 15 years, I decided to go up Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill in Taiping again. A place which is located approximately 1250m above sea level and also one of those cold places in Malaysia. The only way to go up is either by hiking for around 4-6 hours or take a Jeep which is provided for RM6 every hour. The ride up via Jeep is around 20-25 minutes. Here are snaps of the place during the time of posting and do not forget to read on for the experience I had during the visit.


Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (1)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (7)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (2)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (3)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (4)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (5)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (6)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (8)

Bukit Larut AKA Maxwell Hill (9)

Short Video:

It was afternoon when I and some friends went up to the peak. We managed to get the 12pm jeep and reached the peak at around 12.25pm. The roads were really bumpy and to those with weak hearts or those who throw up easily, I would never recommend taking the jeep ride up. The jeep drivers were experienced, so I guess we were in safe hands. First thing, the place was not cold like before (I found Bukit Bendera to be cooler). Maybe it was afternoon hence the coldness was not there, but I expected more since my first visit. Want to enjoy the coldness? Go up early morning! To those who are not confident with jeep ride, you may always hike up if you are fit.

Secondly, when we reached the top. There was nothing to see or do. None of the Villas were occupied with people and all of them looked abandoned and not maintained. No cafes were open and you don’t even get a choice of plain water here, so be prepared with your own food and drinks. The jeep driver did tell us that during weekends and school holidays the place is packed and I am really surprised by the looks of it. We finished touring around the place in less than 15-20 minutes. Yes nothing to see and enjoy! We opted for the 1.30pm jeep to go down from the pickup zone (this is the jeep that rides up at 1pm). Since we were asked to wait 10 minutes earlier, we waited at the pickup point at 1.20pm. Another major problem and disappointment occurred. We waited till 2pm and no jeep was to be seen. Had to call the office to check what happened and the clerk confirmed there was some problem with the 1pm jeep and requested us to get on the 2.30pm jeep. We waited from 1.20 till 2.30pm for the jeep at the pick up point without doing anything and everyone was getting restless. Later on we found from the driver that the 1pm jeep did not ride up as there were no passengers. This is really bad service by them and I recommend everyone going up to check on this before hand. The jeep can bring up to 10 passengers, 4/10 threw up when reached down.

Lastly, since there is nothing much to see here, I would not recommend tourist who are curious to go up to check out this place, unless you are willing to hike up for the fun of hiking. Best advise if you are still going up, ask the driver to wait for 10-15 minutes and get back on the same jeep down. It is a possible option and highly recommended. It’s sad to see one of Malaysia’s tourist spot just left like this. Suggestions, try to open back all those closed cafes and also have some guards on the hill for protection purpose and make tourist confident of going up.

I did go up hearing some rumors that the place was haunted and many getting disturbed. I am someone who do not believe in this crap, but when I experienced it myself i can confirm this are not rumors! Beware! 🙂

Posted at 8:01 am on March 30th, 2015 in Events & Travels with 4,530 views

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