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Welcome to eXtreMesh, my new personal blog! I wanted to have one blog for everything so here is the change (.. yet again!). My other two blogs which is Salpet-Online and myIndians-Online will be abandoned upon hosting and domain expiry.

Please take note that i already have moved all the posts from both the blogs to one centralized backup blog. It is just a rough backup, so most of the media contents such as videos, photos and downloads might be missing! You can check out the backup blog which will be there forever at Salpet-Online Backup Archive Blog. At the same time most of the videos from my previous blog can still be accessed from my old Youtube Channel.

I will be starting new projects under this blog very soon, so hopefully everything goes fine soon. Check back to this blog often and also subscribe to my blog to get the latest updates automatically!

Posted at 6:38 am on December 9th, 2007 in Blogging with 3,939 views

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