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Recently i noticed that my portable broadband speed was becoming very slow due to bad signal strength. Since i use a Huawei modem, i decided to purchase an external 3G antenna. Most Huawei modems comes with a port to slot in a CRC9 based 3G antenna. I didn’t expect much difference of signal quality by using an external antenna, but to my surprise the signal become stronger and the speed improved drastically.

My old broadband modem connected to an external 3G antenna:

Signal quality before attaching the antenna (Check bars):

Signal quality after attaching the antenna (Check bars):

You can see from the screens of my Mobile Partner that the signal increased the moment an antenna was attached to full bars. Since my modem can make voice calls as well, this made my laptop a powerful mobile phone. If you are facing slow speed / signal quality, just purchase this kind of 3G antenna. They do work!

Posted at 3:59 pm on March 6th, 2014 in Info Tech with 1,625 views

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