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Nowadays almost all cars come equipped with a MP3 player and this makes it easy for everyone to enjoy their favorite music (Basically Downloaded). As my car came standard with a basic cassette player i had no choice but to get a new car mp3 player. As an option i bought a “Wireless Car MP3 Player” by HUM.

A wireless car mp3 player simply means a device which plays MP3 and at the same transmits the audio in FM transmission. In simple words, this device would play the sing which later can be listened on any normal radio which supports FM transmission without attaching anything in between.

The device was basically in the size of a thumbdrive and also had 1 GB of space. Had a screen which should the song details / menu and etc. Had all the buttons which is located on a normal MP3 player. Basically its a normal MP3 player with an extra option to transmit the song via FM.

Check out this simple video demo of the device explained by me:

I know this technology is becoming very cool and i guess soon it would be embedded into mobile phone devices, now that would be even cooler. More information of this device can be obtained from HUM website.

Posted at 8:59 am on December 25th, 2007 in Info Tech with 3,446 views

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