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I have decided to import my lifestream online (currently via Twitter) as simple blog posts into a new category called ‘Lifestream’. How it will work? All my activities online are auto updated on Twitter. I managed to create a PHP script which will auto import those Twitter updates as WP posts. I should be completing the script by end of this month and this category should be auto populated soon 🙂

Previous i posted about importing all my tweets into my blog into a category as i finished the script i noticed that Google and Yahoo! both indexes tweets i didn’t want any double posting with my blog also being indexed by search engines. Hence i am going to start a new category just for my personal contents. So which platform would i use to autopost to my blog? Of course it would be, even this post now is powered by them!

Note: I also am using Google Buzz which indirectly imports and indexes my tweets.

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Posted at 3:58 am on February 21st, 2010 in Blogging with 1,518 views

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