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People say, every good things surely comes to an end. Well here I would like to say Thanks and Goodbye to all my readers and followers as I’m ending my blog ‘Mesh Talkz’ due to personal reasons.

So why did i make this decision? It’s simple, I do not have enough time to blog, update or work on my blog. I have tried many times, but i have failed to find time due to my busy routine. All my previous posts has been moved safely to archive and will always be available at

Whats next you may ask? I love tech/security/gadgets/games and etc. I still need a Workshop to work online, hence a new blog will emerge at soon. It would only concentrate on my online works, coding, designing, gadgets and etc. So keep an aware eye for it.

Yet again, thanks for all the support and God bless you all!

Posted at 2:00 pm on January 15th, 2018 in Blogging with 320 views

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