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It’s that time of the year where you grow old. Yes it was my birthday and I was given this wonderful compact mechanical keyboard as gift (A-Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard). It is a budget keyboard with flashy eye candy effect and I am loving it!

Mechanical keyboards are mostly pricey (based on their brands) and since this is my first mechanical keyboard I have nothing much to complaint but plenty of praises! This is blue-switch model and also the RGB model, which means the light galore is amazing and also plenty of effects or styles to choose from.

Normal View:

My View: A-Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

Night View (with RGB lights):

My View: A-Jazz AK33 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

My view:

So whats GOOD?

  • The keyboard is compact / small and fits my current PC setup well.
  • Blue-switch mechanism, so the clicky-click sound is amazing and to my taste.
  • Multi-colors and multi-effects. Simply beautiful. Check out the video demo below.
  • Accurate and precise while gaming, it was comfortable.
  • The price! One of the cheapest mechanical keyboards out there and it works better than those expensive brands.

Anything BAD?

  • Some may not like the compact design since it doesn’t use the standard layout of other mechanical gaming keyboards.
  • The flashy lights on the keyboard can be distracting at times (you may switch it off or use a style/effect which suits you).
  • A bit heavy for the compact size.

Video Demo of the RGB lights in action:

Yes, the lights are beautiful, bright and amazing! Since it was a birthday gift, which means i got it free, there is nothing much to be fussy about. If it wasn’t free will I purchase it? YES! And the reason for it, it does the task of a mechanical keyboard well for a very reasonable price and also the RGB galore!

Posted at 2:55 pm on May 12th, 2017 in Mesh Views with 837 views

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