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Ever since i got SGS3, the only thing i have been wanting is a good app for android which will allow me add effects to photos and edit it before i share them online. I used to like Instagram alot, but i seriously don’t like the need of cropping images from gallery before posting them. So what do i use on my phone? Pixlr-o-matic!

You can choose from plenty of preset photo filters or download and add more for free. All the filters are really cool. Most of them resembles those on Instagram.

At the same time you can also add effects to the photos which i think is a really nice touch added.

Not only that, the frame effects included are simply cool and some of them can change the look of your photos as well.

It is fast, cool and has plenty of features. I seriously recommend this app to all android users out there looking for a good photo manipulating software.
You can download it from the Play Store or Here or simply use the online version of it Here.

p/s – Yes the person in the photo is me and it was captured at Kellie’s Castle, Perak.

Posted at 1:09 pm on July 2nd, 2012 in Mesh Views with 1,958 views

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