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Lately one would have heard about the subscription based Internet TV from Malaysia called Iflix which is being compared to Netflix since they provide almost the same service. Recently I subscribed to their service and on this post I would like to share my personal and honest view on the service.

My View: Is Iflix The Malaysian Answer To Netflix?

I first started watching some movies and TV shows on my browser directly on my PC and the experience was good. Compatibility with web browsers was really good. I managed to pause a movie I was watching and as I logged in to another PC I was able to continue watching from where I left off. This is also the same case when you try to continue watching on any other devices like your mobile phone, tablets and etc. The state saving feature is cool.

I own plenty of Android devices. I decided to watch some TV shows on the go and noticed that there were problem with compatibility of devices on Android Mobile Devices. For example my LG G2 running Lollipop couldn’t play any videos, my OnePlus One running Lollipop was able to play movies and TV shows flawlessly, my Nexus device running KitKat failed to play any videos and my Minix Android TV Box was able to play videos without problem. I noticed that on the Google Play Store the rating for the Iflix Android App is rather poor with a lot having similar problem. I really hope Iflix team would consider looking into this area and also read comments from subscribers on the Google Play Store section. This would make the app really good. Since I use the OnePlus One as my primary mobile device, I do not have any problem to enjoy the shows.

Quality wise, on my mobile I really enjoy the movies and shows since the quality seems to be really good, but on the big screen it is watchable, but do not expect Full HD streaming quality. I do not blame this on the part of Iflix team since we all know how wonderful our Malaysian internet bandwidth is! So how would I rate the quality of the shows/movies. I would say it is rather Good!

I am really happy that the mobile app supports both Miracast and Chromecast, these standards are a must at this time since you get to stream your content directly to the big screen. You do get subtitle selections for now, but I assume they would add more features in the future. As for the support of Iflix team, they are responsive. I tweeted to them regarding the problem of unable to play contents via the mobile devices and they did reply on timely manner. Hats off to that!.

So now, the main thing that someone will consider before subscribing to Iflix. The contents! Currently I am noticing the contents to be growing from time to time. I am sure in the near future, we would see plenty of contents to keep people glued to Iflix. Check out the below overview video of Iflix captured via my mobile device to see what they have to offer and how it works:

Many claims that Iflix will be the Netflix replacement for Malaysians, as for me I feel given time they could be! If they could add PPV events, wrestling shows and also lessen down on the censorship, Iflix will surely be on par as Netflix after given time. So is it worth the money? Of Course YES! For RM8-RM10 per month, it is really worth every penny spent! As for me, I would highly recommend one to subscribe to the service! Good job Iflix!

Posted at 8:17 am on August 23rd, 2015 in Mesh Views with 1,694 views

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