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China made cloned products are everywhere and recently I purchased the JBL Pulse Bluetooth speaker with LED’s, well this is the cloned and knocked-off cheap version. So how did it fair?

At first look, it’s a lot like the real deal. It is even called ‘Pulse’ (Name, and also pairing mode name). It has a rechargeable battery, AUX Port, Bluetooth 3.0, FM Radio, Built-in MIC and also amazing dancing LED’s which flows with your tune.

Live Demo:

My View: JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker, Cloned and Knocked-Off!

So is it worth the buy or is it as good as the JBL Pulse? Only the looks and the LED’s are the reason for you to buy it. It might be cheap and that says the same for the quality. The bluetooth connection was not stable, there were some sound breaking as you moved the speaker around. Mainly, the sound was not that good. Too much of bass, ignoring the crisp of a proper Bluetooth speaker. The battery worked fine, charge lasted for days without use and around 2-3 hours of continues playback. All other functions and ports did work fine.

Final verdict? Buy it if you are in need of a cheap Bluetooth speaker with fancy looks. The LED’s will attract anyone, but the sound won’t.

Posted at 9:11 pm on November 6th, 2016 in Mesh Views with 932 views

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