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Needed an Air Mouse badly for my Minix android player and I decided to get the Mermaid A8. This device works as an Air Mouse, has a backlit Wireless Keyboard, has Wireless Audio support and also built in IR Remote with learn function. Can we ask more from this device?

To those who are not sure what an Air Mouse does, imagine a normal mouse without the wires and movement of the cursor is controlled by moving the mouse in the Air. Yes, it is more like gesture control but holding a mouse in the air. You just hold the device and move it freely around you to control the cursor.

Mermaid A8 Air Mouse - Mesh Talkz (1)

The device comes with a 2.4GHz wireless dongle which can be operated from a range of 10-30 meters. You can also use the device without the dongle as it has built in IR blaster which operates IR based devices. It has learn function for the IR remote which means you can associate some of the buttons to any of your existing remote’s function.

Mermaid A8 Air Mouse - Mesh Talkz (2)

The device also comes with a wireless audio function which allows you to connect your headphones to the device and audio from your android or PC will be transmitted to the headphones via the device/remote. Audio seemed fine, but there was some problem connecting the audio driver to my Minix player but worked well with my PC. I guess this could be due to some driver compatibility.

Mermaid A8 Air Mouse - Mesh Talkz (4)

So how do you type with an Air Mouse? You can easily type with the included wireless keyboard behind the remote. The keyboard felt comfortable on my hand (If you have big fingers, you might have trouble using it!) and I didn’t accidently press the front panel buttons or anything of that sort. The design was really well made to avoid this. The keyboard has full functions and also arrow keys for navigation.

Mermaid A8 Air Mouse - Mesh Talkz (3)

Didn’t i say earlier it was a backlit keyboard? The blue light is sensor based where it is enabled in the dark by default. That was a cool addition. Now I can easily type in dark looking for a horror movie on my XBMC collection.

Mermaid A8 Air Mouse - Mesh Talkz (5)

Here is a video overview of the device and a short video of me playing Jetpack Joyride. I am still getting used to using an Air Mouse on this video, so take it easy!

So should you get one? Well since it is a China based product, the quality isn’t 100%. I am still worried how long it might last in my hand. But so far the device seems to be working fine and I have no complaints. With this much of features and the price range of RM100, you can’t go wrong by getting one. Rate it: 6.7/10

Posted at 8:55 pm on February 23rd, 2015 in Mesh Views with 3,016 views

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  • Magicool Wizard

    Hi, did u get the ir learning working? If u did, what is the right way to do it? (The user manual did not help me)

  • Hi @magicoolwizard:disqus, yes it did work for me. But i only tried on the S1-S4 buttons. Basically this is what I did:

    1. Press Home and Enter button together, you should see the blue home light stays on. You are in IR Learning mode.
    2. Press S1 (to test), the home light should start blinking, which means the S1 button is ready to learn.
    3. Point your original remote to the IR port on top and keep on pressing the button you want to teach until the Home button blinks rapidly 3 times.
    4. Home button will stay on which means the IR code is learn and now back to learning mode where you can teach the other keys.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Magicool Wizard

    I guess mine is broken. All good up to step 3. Looks like it just does not detect the other remotes. Home button keeps blinking until it exits learning mode. Thanks for the answer!

  • Hi @magicoolwizard:disqus, To be honest, i had the same problem a few times. I just kept on pressing the source remote while pointing and it captured the code. Maybe you can give that a shot.

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