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Voopee by XOX Sdn Bhd is a Sim Free mobile service which provided unlimited free calls/sms to other Voopee users and also make outside calls to other telcos using your data and without a simcard.

As they promised, yes you do get really nice 011+ numbers and for the first registration i got free RM5 credit as well. How it works? It simply detects your current mobile number (Malaysian Telco) and creates another number for Voopee which others can call you. This means you have 2 numbers in one phone and with one sim card. The service rely totally on internet data. You can’t say this is the first service in Malaysia as Yes Life already did the same thing.

Voopee Overview:

So how did Voopee do? Firstly the app is currently only available for Android. The interface was good and call quality was also good. Being all that, i uninstalled it after trying for 5 minutes. Firstly the app crashed many times. It is also very resource hungry, took around 30MB of memory usage which won’t be a good choice for low end android phones (some coding cleanup is certainly needed). At the same time, it was really annoying to get your native SMS being notified by Voopee and shown in Voopee. Why isn’t there an option where two numbers can hold different sms inbox? The main thing i kept wondering is, why isn’t there a username based registration for this service? Now the registration is automated with your current existing mobile number (tagged to your current mobile number), so what if i changed my existing mobile and still wanted to use existing Voopee number? The concept so totally wrong.

As a conclusion, it is certainly a good start but plenty of improvement is simply needed. I might reinstall Voopee if all this matters are cleared and more improved are made.

Give it a try and provide feedback if you have any:

Posted at 9:08 pm on June 8th, 2012 in Mesh Views with 2,747 views

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