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Been playing around with Whatsapp for Web for a few days now and I think it is a good effort by the company to get their users to be more active on their very loved mobile chat app. For me it is just what WeChat web chat did very long time ago with a few enhancement.

WhatsApp For Web

You get a system where you scan a QR code using your phone (choosing Whatsapp Web, from Whatsapp Menu) camera on the web. You got all your chats loaded and a type a way. Just like Wechat for Web. But what I was impressed about was the Media support. You get to see all your photos / videos from the web interface. At the same time, the desktop notification on Chrome worked well too. The syncing between your phone and web seems to be real time, didn’t find any lag. For those who haven’t used Wechat for Web, this would be a ooh-aah kind of impression, but for those like me who always use Wechat for Web, Whatsapp just enhanced their web app from a technology which already existed. You should also take note that currently only Chrome Browsers are supported and also for IOS users (no support yet! I wonder why :p).

So the question posted to me, will I continue to use the web-app? I would, but in a secure location when nobody is around. Being a security architect, I am worried about some Social-Engineering-Hijac-k. Eg. “Can I Borrow Your Phone for a while?” and a simple scan on the QR code and after a few seconds (around 4-5 secs) “Here is your phone back”. With this, someone can easily spy on your Whatsapp chats without you knowing as the system still runs on both the Web / App. But if you prefer ease of use, go for it! 🙂

Posted at 10:04 am on January 23rd, 2015 in Mesh Views with 1,176 views

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