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The craze about MyBlogLog is increasing as it is one major factor in traffic exchange from bloggers. Yes it is true, you visit a blog and MyBlogLog identity is logged and in return the other blogger comes to your site in curiosity. Most of us normally use our own photo as an avatar for displaying in MyBlogLog community, but some would prefer to have their avatar as defaulted image.

Recently i visited the Doodlage blog and this guys have some really interesting alternative avatars for your MyBlogLog and they are really worth mentioning.

MyBlogLog Alternative Avatars

I really find this alternative avatars to be very cute and some are really creatively made. So guys lets make a change and use one of this alternative avatars for MyBlogLog rather than the old same default avatar.

If i were not using my own photo as my avatar, i would have surely used one of this cute avatars. Head over to Doodlage – MyBlogLog Avatars page to obtain your alternative MyBlogLog avatars.

Posted at 6:52 pm on December 27th, 2007 in Info Tech with 1,926 views

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