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Being an Android Freak, I just had to own the Jide Remix Mini which runs RemixOS 2.0. What is so special about the device? Firstly it is cheap, good specifications and the amazing RemixOS which looks an feels a lot like Windows or Linux.

When I first got the box, I was thinking that I would open to see something really huge, but what came in the box really surprised me. It was a really small device and as for the specs, I got the 16GB model which comes with 2GB of RAM. There is also the 8GB model which comes with 1GB of RAM. Well I got mine for RM280, which was rather worth the price for the 16GB model.

It comes with 2 USB ports which you can use for external storage purpose and also for connecting your mouse or keyboard. At the same time, the HDMI port is full size for a rather small device, making it rather universal. You do get a MicroSD card slot to expand your storage along with a 3.5mm Audio jack. It also has built in Bluetooth and Wifi and also a full LAN port. It’s powered by 5V DC connector, but I assume a power-bank can be used to power it up. Will try to make a hack/mod for it soon. For more information on the device, check the product page.

From the photos above, you can see how small the device is compared to a normal mouse and also how it fits my Asian hand. I have carefully placed the device on top of my CPU as I seem to use the Remix Mini more than my Desktop PC as they perform normal daily tasks rather well. Oh for those hackers and developers out there, press F2 and you will be greeted with the “Recovery Mode” already enable by default.

So the big question, why did I purchase it when I already own 3 or more Android sticks/mini PC? Simple, the RemixOS which is created by Jide. The RemixOS is fully optimized for the Remix devices and it works exactly like a Desktop PC. You get real-freaking multitasking, windowed access to applications, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop operations and many more! It wasn’t called “True Android PC” for nothing.

To get a proper overview on how RemixOS works on the device, please check out the video below I made why just testing out the device.

Cool eh? Now I am sure all those android fans out there would really love what the Jide team has done to android and now, it can be easily used by anyone. I am enjoying the new toy a lot for daily productivity. I have also been notified that the RemixOS is now a free download for everyone to try and install on their own PC BUT, the operating system is fully optimized for their own devices. I will also do a quick overview on how the RemixOS runs on a PC soon.

So the conclusion for Jide Remix Mini PC and will I recommend it? Oh hell, Yeah!

Posted at 1:32 am on January 13th, 2016 in Info Tech with 1,440 views

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