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Managed to get my hands on the Controversial and Banned Indie game ‘Fight Of Gods‘ which is a fighting game involving, well… Gods! It was banned in Malaysia and the reason is due to it’s controversial genre/theme. Understood. I purchased the game before it got banned, hence it is tied to my steam account. If you are proceeding with this post, be open minded. It is just a game and a fun one too for an Indie title.

Firstly, the ban on the game is a bit too much. It’s just a game but some would surely get offended with the characters depicted in the game. As i played the game, it was kind of fun. I do love fighting games so maybe that is why I had fun playing it. The below video shows my first time play-through of the game. Not perfect and not skill dependent since it was an early play-through.

The Game-play:

It was sad that there was no Hindu God being added to the game. I just hope soon they would add more characters. One thing which was cool about the game and made me smile was the boss in the game. I was waiting to see who I had to fight in my final game and he was simply called ‘Boss’. What a cute / creative way to name the Final Boss!

So will I recommend this game? If you are able to get the game in your region, just get it. The game isn’t very expensive. I got the game for MYR 11 (around $2.50). Let’s support Indie developers with an open-mind.

Posted at 10:04 pm on October 15th, 2017 in Gaming with 711 views

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