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I am a big fan of “Nasi Goreng USA Ayam” ever since I was small. Two days ago, again I had it for lunch. Something struck my mind, earlier versions of “Nasi Goreng USA” was different that what it has become today.

There was a time, maybe many years ago when I first tried my “Nasi Goreng USA” it had apples and sausages fried along with Rice. As i first had it, the name of the fried rice made sense with the contents of apples and sausages. Then it changed to fried rice with chicken or beef meat. This was even known and recognized as Thailand food for Malaysians. It was basically “Paprik” chicken fried rice with addition of egg. It was still my favorite food.

The last “Nasi Goreng USA” that I had was basically Tumeric Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng Kunyit) with “Paprik” chicken and also egg. So in what way can we address this as “Nasi Goreng USA”? This is how much food transformation happens in Malaysia to suit the locals. There are also information going on that the word “USA” actually stands for “Udang, Sotong dan Ayam”, if so, why isn’t there a mention about “Daging”? So i rule this meaning out and sticking with my understanding that it was named in a way due to the addition of apples, peas and sausages in the fried rice.

Source of this information is based on the Waiter that served me many-many years ago! He could be wrong and this could lead to my understanding being wrong. To those who have strong evidence that it was meant to be “Udang, Sotong dan Ayam”, please let me know and if it was true, do provide me the explanation why the word “Daging” was not in it and naming it “Nasi Goreng DUSA”?

Note: This post is based on something which struck my mind and shall not or should not be used as a valid reference in any terms or conditions. 🙂

Posted at 7:02 pm on December 24th, 2015 in Blogging with 1,443 views

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