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I am a movie freak and the media center software i use for organizing and watching movies is XBMC. So how do i manage my movies database on XBMC?

Firstly i don’t store all my movies on my HDD and get them organized by XMBC. Basically i just add around 100 movies at a time, watch around 20, remove them, then add another 20, hence always having around 100 new movies to watch. Why? This is easier to keep track.

So what do i do with my deleted movies from XBMC? They are either stored in a seperate HDD or burnt into DVD’s and put aside as a collection. I know many XBMC users add all their movies to the database library, but isn’t it a bit messy? Maybe the view is nice but when it is for personal movie viewing, it is really not that organized. Anyway this is just how i manage my XBMC movie database.

Posted at 1:59 pm on September 17th, 2012 in Tips & Tricks with 2,890 views

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