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Being a hardcore Android phone user (Yes, I am an Android Fanboy!) there are a few things which I need to have in my phone to make my daily usage useful, easy and interesting. Of course the first thing I would need is a “root” in my phone, but apart from that, below are three top applications I need to have on my phone.

The three Android applications below are the apps I have on almost all my android devices and these apps are the first 3 apps i normally install upon upgrading / re-flashing my phone. Note, yes I am an “underground” mobile user, so this list may be based on that as a term. Take note all the apps below will need “root” for the functions I use.

  • Xposed Module Framework: Gives you the functionality of digging deep inside your Android OS and provide better customization and hacks with some really interesting modules.
  • Lucky Patcher: An interesting android app which can edit Android Applications on the go and inject some modified codes into the app to make it more usable.
  • ES File Explorer: With a rooted device, this file manager gives “root-explorer” function which lets you explore files with more power. It also has a built in “archiving/extracting” function which I really need a lot.

Combining all the applications above, my Android experience becomes awesome! Yes, without this applications, I just can’t seem to do what I normally do with my mobile devices! Some of the features of this applications can’t be explained here, maybe due to it’s “underground” nature, so if you need more information simply leave a comment and I will get back on that! 🙂

Posted at 7:00 pm on September 22nd, 2016 in Blogging with 774 views

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