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Purchased a few of the USB OTG LED Dongles which is actually a small USB (Pendrive size) device with embedded bright white LED which does nothing else but produce light. It costs around RM5 per piece. So what is the purpose of this device? Use your imagination and you can wonders with it!

When you look at the device, it is really small and thin with everything soldered on top. You get 3 bright white LEDs soldered on top of this device which produces really bright light.

USB OTG LED Torch - 1

It can be connected to any USB port to light up. For me the real purpose for it came as a portable lighting device. As you can see, I have got the device connected to my mobile phone via micro-USB port and OTG cable. Please take note that your mobile phone needs OTG Host function enabled to let the device light up. Just say your mobile phone doesn’t have LED light built in (for example Nexus 7 Tablet). This device can be used as LED light to assist with flash for photos and video light for video recording. I have tried capturing some videos with the device on my mobile phone and trust me the results were really amazing in dark situation (it was thrice the brightness of LG G2 built in LED). It can also be used as an emergency torchlight whenever needed (example connected to a small power bank).

USB OTG LED Torch - 2

Check out the video demo below of the device in action and make your imagination run wild on what you can do with the device and trust me, I am sure you will come up with some wonderful ideas.

I am using one of the USB LED dongle connected to my raspberry PI case to provide a lighting ambient inside the box and since I use my raspberry PI as a media center, the lighting behind my TV makes it really cool. I am sure as time pass by, I will find more cool things to do with it! 🙂

Posted at 4:36 pm on April 5th, 2015 in Info Tech with 1,724 views

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