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We all know that Cameron Highlands is very famous for large amount of strawberry parks or farms, but what about Genting Highlands which is another high land which is cold? Yes, there is one Strawberry Park here too!

The Park (Farm)

Shops and Mushrooms

Strawberry Drink (RM9)!

Check out the full photo album with high resolution photos HERE.

When i was there it did remind me of Cameron Highlands, but oh yeah Strawberries were freaking expensive and the drink cost RM9! You can get the same strawberry drink in Cameron Highlands for around RM3. Well it is Genting and it is the only Strawberry Park there, so you get the reason for the pricing! Well never been there? Put aside your time for gambling and just visit it once.

Posted at 4:26 pm on May 10th, 2014 in Events & Travels with 1,796 views

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