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Last week I purchased a new phone for myself and after waiting for OnePlus Two, i decided to purchase the OnePlus One instead. I do have my own reasons for it which I feel is valid.

Why I Chose OnePlus ONE over TWO?

OnePlus Two is said to be the flagship killer of 2016 which means they are confident that it is so future proof. Even I was so tempted to get the OnePlus Two that I watched the launch, reveal and price point till date. So why did I get the old OnePlus One instead?

  • Firstly and the main reason was, NFC! OnePlus One has NFC and Two doesn’t! What do you mean by 2016 flagship killer without NFC? Maybe for some it won’t matter, but for me it does! I use NFC a lot for easy connectivity with my smart camera, bluetooth speaker, VR glasses and others. NFC is a time saver. With the “Android Pay” method becoming famous, how can someone live without NFC on their mobile in 2016? Trust me NFC is a must have feature in a phone, more on phone claimed to be “Flagship Killer”.
  • 4GB of RAM is a lot on the Two, but hey the One has 3GB of RAM which i guess would make it future proof for some time since it’s android running on a custom ROM without any bloatware. At the same time, the processor for me was not much of a difference or a leap.
  • Another main reason is cause of my love for Kali Linux. As we know Kali released Nethunter 2.0 which runs smoothly on OnePlus ONE CM12. Previously only Nexus devices was supported but they expanded support for OnePlus One. I am sure there will a port of Nethunter for OnePlus Two. But for now, I guess OnePlus One would be the right choice for Nethunter.
  • Next would be the OTG function, I am not sure how USB Type-C would handle OTG cables, but I use the OTG function a lot on my mobile device, especially with Nethunter for RF searching, Wifi Hunting, External Devices and etc. Till USB Type-C is stable with handling all this I guess OnePlus One should be better than Two.
  • Finally it is about the price! When I can get a phone with high specs for cheap, why should I get it? OnePlus One price dropped, so well I was sure this is the time to grab it!

All the reasons I gave above is based on my personal point of view, but I am sure most of you readers out there will agree that NFC is important and shouldn’t be omitted out in the Two just to cut cost!

Posted at 10:19 pm on August 21st, 2015 in Blogging with 1,324 views

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