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Since 2014 I have been relying a lot on service to sync all my Movies and TV Shows across devices. Since I use Kodi and the Trakt addon does the job automatically, it was such a hassle free process. So can I live without Trakt? Not really! So why did i subscribe to VIP membership? It was the right thing for me to do!

Few days ago, I decided to spend some money to become a VIP member on Trakt.TV and the reason for it was the love for the service and also the extra features that I get with it.

Reasons of Love / Upgrading to VIP:

  • Syncing multiple devices with what I have watched and haven’t always becomes easy with Trakt on Kodi. Even after performing a new install of Kodi, all my shows are synced and up to date.
  • Cross posting my entertainment activity to Twitter is such an ease. This includes when I watch a movie or TV Show and the main highlight is the ability to post ratings directly to Trakt after a show is over.
  • So why did I upgrade? Well the additional features you get are simply awesome. You are now able to add/edit movies/shows information, widgets, IFTTT support, no ads to name a few. But for me, it was mainly for the RSS feed features. The RSS feed feature will mainly be used on my profile page to show my latest activities. You can check out all the awesome VIP Features here. So was that the only reason? Well NO, basically I just love the service that I thought why no support, since the price isn’t that expensive!

So verdict? I would highly recommend everyone that use Trakt.TV service to upgrade to VIP status. The additional features are simply awesome and worth every penny! If you are a movie/tv freak like me, this service would save you a lot of effort / time of manual tracking. If you are a Trakt user, please do not forget to FOLLOW me as well.

Note: This post is not sponsored by Trakt or anyone else. This is a post based on love.

Posted at 6:54 pm on October 2nd, 2017 in Blogging with 610 views

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